PTHV Program


We are proud of the fact that Fairview Elementary was a pioneer in implementing the Parent and Teacher Home Visit Program. The intent of this program is to build positive relationships with families, and to partner together to support your child(ren). Parents and teachers come together, in a unique setting at your home or other location of your choice.  Your child is also a part of this visit.

Time is taken to share dreams, expectations, experiences, and resources. This is not a parent/teacher conference.  It is meant to “get to know each other” for the benefit of the student. Studies show that this program has increased student academic achievement and improved parent engagement in schools. It has brought teachers and families closer together and creates an opportunity for better home and school communication. Twice a year you may be contacted by your child’s teacher to receive a home visit. This is NOT a meeting to tell you what to do as a parent. This is a time to get to know you and your child away from school. This is also a time for you to get to know your child’s teacher.