Lindsay Fuentes
School Psychologist


What do you enjoy doing in your free time and on weekends?

Taking walks, playing volleyball, dancing, and relaxing

What is your favorite childhood book and why?

Love You Forever – because it shows a mother’s unconditional love for her son and really captures that bond between a parent and child

What is your secret talent?

I dance salsa, bachata, cumbia, cha-cha-cha, and merengue.

Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school and why? 

My third grade math teacher because she always encouraged us to try our hardest and found the neatest ways to make math so fun and interesting that we could not wait to switch classes to go to her.

Why are you proud to teach at Fairview?

I’m proud to be able to help students be successful socially and emotionally here at Fairview, and to also support teachers and families in that process for our students as well.