Toya Eckard
Dean of Culture & Equity


What do you enjoy doing in your free time and on weekends?

Cooking, gardening, paddle boarding and spending time with my hubby and pups

What is your favorite childhood book and why?

The Monster at the End of this Book I LOVE Grover!

What is your secret talent?

I am not sure if it is a talent or not, but I adore hosting people at my home and feeding them a great meal

Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school and why? 

Mr. Fischer He was the first teacher that really seemed like a human and took an interest in all of us. He shared stories of his life with us and made us all feel like we could do whatever we wanted to. He also kinds saved my life in the Grand Canyon, but that is a whole different story!

Why are you proud to teach at Fairview?

The community of staff and students make me so happy.