Kathryn Johnson
Art Teacher


What do you enjoy doing in your free time and on weekends?

Spending time with my husband and our two boys. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, doing puzzles, and working in my studio.

What is your favorite childhood book and why?

I loved to read, and loved so many books! I loved Judy Bloom and Beverly Cleary books. I also read all of the Babysitters Club series and Sweet Valley series.

What is your secret talent?

I love to bake and have sold custom cakes in the past. I even catered the dessert bar at my sister’s wedding!

Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school and why? 

Miss Luetkemeier was my 4th grade teacher. She was always very supportive and caring. I felt safe with her, and was able to confide in her during a hard time in my childhood. She even took me to see The Nutcracker!

Why are you proud to teach at Fairview?

Because I have the opportunity to provide students with the tools and confidence to create, express themselves, and share their voice with others.